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About Pench

Nestled in the southern slopes of the Satpura Ranges of Central India, PENCH TIGER RESERVE (750 sq. kms.) lies in southern Madhya Pradesh, bordering Maharashtra and is located just 60 kms. from Nagpur Airport. It is also known as "The Land of Mowgli" and is a prime tiger reserve in India. The forest is rich in wild life with dense population of cheetal, samber, neelgai, gaur (Indian bison). The key predators here are the tigers followed by leopards, wild dogs and wolves. PENCH tiger reserve is among the best areas of bird watching with over 285 species of resident and migratory birds.

About Olive Resorts

About Pench

Olive Resort is one of the exclusive guest house in Pench, MP and Sillari, Maharashtra with well thought of and designed Villa accommodation capturing local essence in its full glory, who prefer privacy and on the same hand expect high class service. Besides being the leading resort in Pench, it is also remarkable for its excellent amenities and facilities that it provides to its guests ranging from water sports activities to cultural shows, jungle safaris, wildlife activities, multi cuisine dining and 24 hour room service to craft unforgettable wildlife experience and memories to be cherished thereafter.


We also help you plan and book a jungle safari along with an experienced forest guide who will help you discover forest and help track other wildlife species providing you with the best exotic wildlife experience.

It is done through the following gates
Turia Gate 1 km drive from Olive Resort, Turia
Khursapar 10 kms drive from Olive Resort, Turia and Sillari
Sillari 4 kms drive from Olive Resort, Sillari
Wolf Sanctuary 3 kms drive from Olive Resort, Turia
Rukkhad Gate 77 kms drive -buffer area

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  • Chandrapal N. Chouksey

    Chandrapal N. Chouksey

    Founder And Director
  • Gaurav C. Chouksey

    Gaurav C. Chouksey

    Founder And Director
  • Shailendra Kingaokar

    Shailendra M. Kingaokar

    General Manager
  • Khurram A. Khan

    Marketing Manager

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