Jungle Safari- Do’s and Don’ts

If you are a hardcore traveler planning for wildlife tours and safaris or embarking it for the first time you should remember few tips before you start your journey to make it an unforgettable and a safe one!


  • Hire an official guide who knows in and out of jungle.
  • Wear neutral colors like khaki, brown and green which blend with the jungle. Don’t wear bright colors. After all, you don’t need to draw in wild animals towards the color that they haven’t seen before.
  • Use fragrance free insect repellent and sunscreen. Fragranced repellent can repel insect however attract a lot of larger wild animals.
  • Make sure you carry light. Jungle safaris can sometimes be tiring and hence only carry the essentials you require in the jungle like, water bottles, foldable first aid kit, sunscreen, hat, shoes and binoculars.
  • Dress according to weather.
  • Mute your cell phone as some of your fellow tourists and wild animals might not appreciate all the noises.
  • Follow set of rules given over to you by National Park Specialist.


  • Don’t get too close to any wildlife animals.
  • Don’t throw litter like plastic, bottles, packets, used cans etc. in the jungle.
  • Don’t feed animals. Their behavior cannot be foreseen and might prove to be harmful for you or for them.
  • Don’t use camera flash.
  • Don’t drink, smoke or carry any combustible substances with you.
  • Don’t get out of the vehicle other than permitted while inside the protected forest area.
  • Don’t blow car horn, speak loudly or carry transistors, tape recorders etc. which makes noise.
  • Try to avoid deodorant and perfumes as animals have an excellent sense of smell.
  • The safari vehicles should not carry a greater number of passengers than allowed capacity, including guide and driver.
  • Do not get disappointed if you don’t see a tiger. There are many other interesting creatures that can be seen and cherished.

Respect nature, be safe, treasure the moments!