Jungle Safari in Pench

” When the wanderer in me knows what it is about, And the dense forest around gives me a loud shout, Then I know it is the time to pack up, Shut everything and get set
For a Jungle safari! “

Guys a true nature lover has to experience this, at-least once in a life time. It is a treat to watch the wild life in its most natural form. While discovering the jungle in this expedition we actually end up discovering our true self. Life is more authentic and easier to connect with here, than when surrounded by the concrete jungles. And Safari becomes a good reason for that.

This expedition without meeting the ‘Jungle ka raaja’ is absolutely incomplete. If you have come here, this rendezvous is a must. Imagine yourself in the dense green trails, surrounded by natural water bodies, followed by the climbs and falls, the darks, the mists and a sudden encounter with him, The Mighty Tiger!

Relax…don’t get carried away. it is definitely not going to be like that.

Jungle Safaris are safe and adventurous trips, conducted under the supervision of forest department, in open Jeeps, horse or elephant. Jungle safaris in national parks, wild life centuries and protective reserves are well organised so we not only have a good time but are also able explore the beautiful hidden world around. We are even allowed to click photographs during the visit, so there remain loads of memories to carry, on our way back!

These jungles are home to animals, so we are expected to be careful about our conduct all through. It is important that animals are not disturbed while we are around.

Of the many options available in India for Jungle Safari, Pench National Park is the most sought after. They say that while travelling through the jungles of Pench, experiencing its wildlife is the best form of adventure tourism that one can have.

Located almost at the border of Madhya Pradesh with Maharashtra, the Pench National Park is a tiger reserve spanning 464 sq. kms. The topography supports a mosaic of vegetation ranging from moist, sheltered valleys to open, dry forests. The Nilgai, Leopards, Wild Boars are just few species whom we can meet while on our trip. The best time to visit Pench is between October to June

Pench National Park Safari Timings are as follows:

Morning Safari: 5:30 am to 10:30 am.
Afternoon Safari: 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
Night Safari: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

The Jungle Safari can be booked in advance and so can be the stay. Olive Resorts one of the finest Villa resorts located in the distance of around 2 minutes from Touria Gate and 10 minutes from Khursapur gate. These gates are the most popular entry points, as the probability of seeing the tiger is highest through these points.

Olive Resorts offers 1-2-3 bed room villas so one can have a good family time. Other amenities like swimming pool, video library, game zone, 24×7 room service ensures a comfortable stay. Olive Resorts helps the guests in booking Jungle Safari and other sight-seeing places.

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