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Things to do at Olive

  • Jungle Safari

    Untamed and wild ! Discover the forest in its raw glory.

  • Pottery

    Try your hands-on pottery and practice the art of timeless craftsmanship.

  • Nature Trail

    Explore flora and fauna with the help of an experienced naturalist.

  • Sky Safari

    Go on a dedicated sky safari and observe the splendors of the Milky Way.

  • Cycling Excursion

    Cycle through the forested corridor encountering diverse wildlife and landscapes.

  • Star Gazing

    Spot the beautiful Sky at night and discover the moon and sky.

  • Rukhad Drive

    Drive through the buffer zone of Bison Sanctuary and discover huge land of dense forest.

  • Khoka Hi – Tea

    Experience panoramic views of ‘Khoka Lake’ with romantic sundowners and snacks.

  • Visit to Pachdhar Village

    Embark a journey to a nearby potter’s village holding unique and fascinating talent of the Gond community.

  • Game Zone

    Get yourself ready for Fun challenges and unique Gameplay.

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