Olive Resort, Khindsi

Behind the Satpura hills of Ramtek is a hidden gem. Vastly famous around Nagpur lies the biggest boating centre of Central India in the valley of picturesque Khindsi lake. Surrounded by hills on three sides and abundant water in between, this place is a nature’s delight and a tourist’s heaven. The place buzzes with youngsters and families who enjoy the sizzling rain dance in Nagpur’s scorching heat.

The water sports at Khindsi is recognised the safest and best maintained in the country, by the tourism department, Govt. of India

Lake View Cottages

Lake View cottages

Lake View restaurant

Kids play area

Rajkamal Watersports

Motor Scooter

Motor Boat

Paddle Boat

Rowing Boat



Lake View Cottages

Kids Play Area

Lake View Restaurant


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